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Ventilated facade

Ventilated, or hinged, facade performs several functions. It looks great, protects the brickwork, provides waterproofing and increases insulation of the building.

Device ventilated facade

Ventilated, or hinged, facade performs several functions. It looks great, protects the brickwork, provides waterproofing and increases insulation of the building.
Executed facade surfaces can be made of:
Steel trapezoidal sheet with polymer coating.

Cleaning walls from graffiti

Cleaning walls from drawings and graffiti is a pressing problem. Several dozen types of paint can be used when painting on a facade surface. It is best to pick up a cleaner and wash graffiti off the wall. But this is not always possible due to the peculiarities of the facade material. If the image cannot be washed off, you can act with abrasives, sandblasting. But all this can damage the appearance. In any case, for effective cleaning, you must know when the image appeared, the peculiarities of the material of the wall.

Our specialists will cope with such work on the facade treatment. They will pick up the necessary cleaners or use a mechanical tool. In this case, the facade surface will not suffer and will not be spoiled.

Insulation of joints between panels

The problems of modern panel houses are well known to everyone: cracks often run along the joint between the panels and sharply reduce thermal insulation in apartments. Nowadays, special substances have been developed to fill the gaps in the joints between the panels. The main requirement for these substances is the maximum hydrophobicity. The less moisture the material will collect from the atmosphere, the less cracks will appear on it, the longer it will last.
Carrying out such manipulations is possible both with the help of scaffolding and with the help of industrial climbers. Prices of the works depend on the volume, equipment and materials used. Usually, the services of climbers are cheaper than renting equipment or erecting scaffolding. Therefore, it is profitable to order the facade insulation from us. We can not just cope with the task of insulation, but also ensure the safety and quality of all manipulations.

Wide choice of various variants of external facing materials and technologies for facades allows us to implement the most daring architecture and design solutions.

The main modern types of facing of ventilated facades of houses and buildings that are the most popular among customers and offered by Alucom are:

  1. Aluminum-composite panels.
  2. Facade from metal panels
  3. Natural rock
  4. Artificial rock
  5. Ceramogranite
  6. Fiber cement boards
  7. Clinker tiles (clinker brick)
  8. Ceramic plates (volumetric ceramic)
  9. Facade from linear panels
  10. Fiberglass
  11. Classical facades

External facade cladding creates a special image and status of the property owners. The image of the house and building becomes more aesthetic and presentable. A variety of options in the market allows you to choose the most appropriate type of ventilated facade cladding for houses and buildings of different types of materials, each of which has its own characteristics, and you can always choose the option of finishing, which best suits your requirements.

Facade cladding of a house

Company Alucom at external facing of facade of the house guarantees to the customers:

  • the use of high-quality materials
  • The use of modern and reliable installation methods
  • assistance in choosing colors and variants of the exterior cladding of the building
  • individual attitude and information support
  • assistance in choosing the type of materials for the outer facing of facades
  • consideration of customer wishes and suggestions
  • discounts depending on the order volume
  • expert visit and measuring
  • drawing up an estimate of the cost of work and materials.
Cladding will make a house unique. The technologies of external facade cladding are advancing, and we are professionals in the production of hinged facade systems and cladding materials, we are constantly improving our systems, which guarantees high quality and long life to our customers.